Dr.Shen Palaniswamy, M.D., F.A.A.P. is a Board-Certified Pediatrician. She graduated medical school from Coimbatore Medical College, India and received her internship and pediatric residency training at the University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Shen has worked in primary care for the first few years in a private group practice in Colonia New Jersey. Later, she worked at Neighborhood Health Services Corporation in Plainfield, New Jersey which is a non-profit medical facility for the medically underserved children. She was the lead physician for the Asthma Program and was actively involved in educating families and patients in identifying triggers and making lifestyle modifications to manage their asthma symptoms for a better quality of life. She was also involved in the school programs to educate about healthy eating and exercise. Dr. Shen is passionate about reducing childhood obesity which has become a national epidemic. As she moved to Texas in 2015, she worked at Child & Family Guidance Center, Plano, where she worked in close coordination with Child Psychiatrists and therapists to gather the pertinent information necessary to develop appropriate treatment plans for treatment of ADHD, Childhood anxiety and Depression.Dr. Shen believes all parents have the responsibility and power to establish healthy habits for their children which will carry them through their life journey. And that will be the biggest gift that the parents can pass on to their children and their future generations. She strives to establish a partnership with the parents to help them achieve this goal. Dr. Shen lives in Carrollton with her husband and two wonderful daughters. She enjoys cooking, swimming, and outdoor activities with her family. Dr. Shen is very involved with the local community and with children’s schools. She volunteers regularly at CCA in Lewisville with her family.